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A Yucky Masterpiece

Let’s face it: Most people don’t like bugs. Nothing is worse than walking in the woods, or in a dark room and seeing something scurry by. It gets under your skin. It’s gross.

But bugs can also provide some excellent entertainment. It’s always funny to watch someone walking through the woods swinging at what appears to be nothing! Spastic arm motions, flailing uncontrollably through the air, brushing at their clothes and pulling at their face; you know what I’m talking about. It’s that feeling of helplessness when you walk through a spider web.

Oh, it's terrible when it happens to you, but funny when it happens to someone else. It’s that fear that not only is there sticky web on you, but that there could be a sizeable deadly spider crawling on your body, as well. Not-so-fun fact: As a man, I can say it’s way worse when it gets caught in your beard.

That being said, spiders, although gross to many people, can also be beautiful. There’s something stunning about looking out on a dewy morning and seeing the sun glisten off of a freshly crafted piece of spider art, beads of water shining in the sun.

One of my favorite spiders, if I could say I had one, would be the writing spider. Not gonna lie: The first time I saw one in the south I freaked out. They are enormous, but beautiful: Large black bodies, distinctive yellow markings, and the most intricate webs—webs with patterns that almost look like words. It's amazing.

God made the writing spider so perfect, so creative, it takes pride in crafting its work. Yet it’s still just a spider. Sometimes we think that we are worthless; that we are not made special. Yet how much more complicated and beautiful has God created each one of us than a simple spider?

You are a work of art. You are a product of God’s craftsmanship. You are valuable. God paid for you with the life of his son, and Jesus gave up his life for God’s creation. The God of the universe paid for you. You are not only beautifully and wonderfully made as the Bible writer says in Psalm 139:14, but you were created in the image of God—formed to be like Him. You are beautifully and wonderfully made: A masterpiece. A Master piece. And there is nothing more valuable than that.

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