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Get Some Blood on It

Do you know what happens when you get blood on something?

Let’s say you have a white shirt, you accidentally cut yourself, and you get blood all over that white shirt. Unless you wash off the blood immediately, your shirt becomes marked, stained. The blood dyes the fabric. The longer you let the bloodstain stay on the shirt without doing something to remove it, the more permanent it becomes.

Now imagine what would happen to a lamb sacrificed on the altar. Its wool would be soaked in blood. You could not use that wool; it would be stained because of the sins of the one who brought it to the altar.

What happens when Jesus’ blood gets on you? If you try to wash it off, it may not leave much of a mark. But if you let it soak in, you will be forever changed.

Jesus came to this world to leave you forever changed.

“Though your sins are as scarlet,

They will be as white as snow;

Though they are red like crimson,

They will be like wool.”

Isaiah 1:18, NASB

Back in Jesus’ time, there were no washing machines. There was no bleach to wash stains out of fabric. For scarlet red to be made as white as snow, it would take a miracle.

Friends, for your sin-stained soul to be changed, it would take a miracle.

Jesus is that Miracle. His blood washes white.

“Create in me a clean heart, O God.

Renew a loyal spirit within me.”

Psalm 51:10, NLT

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