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The Masterpiece

There once was a carpenter who dreamed of building something beautiful, something so magnificent that it could be considered a masterpiece.

The carpenter thought and thought. He dreamed about his masterpiece. Then one day he said to himself, “I will build the most beautiful boat in all the land. A boat that kings would dream of owning.”

So he went into the forest in search of the perfect trees. Finally he found just the right trees, cut them down, and milled the lumber. It was important that his creation begin with the right trees, hand-selected by the master craftsman.

He worked long and hard to make his dream a reality. Every detail was crafted to perfection.

After many months of tirelessly slaving away in his shop, his boat was complete. By today's standards it would have been one of the most beautiful boats in the world. It had a gleaming teak wood hull and boasted the finest finishing touches from leather to gold trim. It was a sight to be seen.

Once it was done, he was moved by how stunning it looked. He thought, “I should launch it and take it out to sea.” But later that night as he eyed it again, he thought, “This is my masterpiece. If I take it out to sea, it could wreck or run aground. Over time the wood would age and begin to rot. Perhaps I will leave it in my shop for just a while longer so I can admire its perfection before I take it out to sea. I must try to make sure every detail is right first.”

For years the carpenter thought about taking his masterpiece out to sea, but he never did for fear of ruining it, for fear that it was just not ready.

Many years later the carpenter died, the magnificent un-sailed vessel still sitting in his shop.

The sad thing about this parable is that the ship never fulfilled its purpose. Its purpose was to sail, not to stay in the carpenter’s shop.

It may have been a boat, but since it never touched the waters, it never reached its full potential.

Could we be like that finely crafted boat?

James 1:22 says, “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

As Christians, are we made to stay in the shop? No; we are made for more.

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