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Your Boring Prayers

Dangerous Prayers - Part 1

Wow, 2020...a year like no other. Wow!

In a world that seems to be falling apart—kinda like the one we're in—we need to be willing to do some drastic things to get on track. Changing bad habits is one of them.

Awhile back I read a book by author and Pastor Craig Groshcel called Dangerous Prayers. When I first started reading the book my thought was, what are dangerous prayers? Is that something we actually want? After reading the book, I realized our prayers really could do with a bit more danger. I'lll explain.

John 15:4 (NIV) says, "Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me."

We always need to be connected to God, but in a time like we are living in now it is even more important to protect and nurture that connection. And in my experience (and the experience of many others before me), the best way to stay connected is by developing a radical, powerful, faith-driven, dangerous prayer life.

Because boring prayers in a desperate world just don’t cut it.

We can no longer pray:

- Heavenly Father, thank you for this impossible burger that is impossibly good, but chemically, probably not. Bless it anyway. Help it to strengthen and nourish my body. AMEN.

- Dear God, keep us safe as we drive today, help us to arrive at our destination in a timely manor. AMEN

- God, thank you for this day, bless my sleep tonight, help my family to draw closer to you, help us to love each other the way that you desire us to. Help us to be an example, keep our home safe tonight, and let us rest well, in your Holy name we pray, AMEN.

Our prayers are




GOD is none of those things.

I should clarify that the above prayers are fine for some purposes, but they cannot be the only way we pray or our relationship with God will be just like them. So if that is so, why do we pray that way?

Habit. And it's time to change that habit.

We like things boring and safe and predictable because change often scares us. We aren't sure what is going to happen. When we are not in charge of our decisions, days, future, we don’t like it. It’s time for us to move out of our comfort zone and pray dangerously.

See part 2 next week!

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